Directors / Officers

Executive Director:  Melissa Combs

Administrative Assistant: Elana Miller

2019 Officers

President:  Jill Mobley; Owner, Kennett Palace Theater

Vice President:  Eric Wallace; Operations Manager, City Light Gas and Water

Treasurer:  Danny Ray; Personal Banker, Southern Bank

Executive Committee Member: Tiffany Leeker; Owner, Reflections Consulting

Executive Committee Member: Matthew Poole; Sr. Loan Officer, Farm Credit Southeast Missouri

Elections:  Chamber of Commerce board members are elected to three-year terms, serving on a rotating basis.  Board officers are elected by board members to one-year terms.

2018 Board of Directors

Jessica Bader: Director of Nursing, National Health Care

Kathy Ballard: Director, Three Rivers College

Autumn Burk: CFO, Kennett Trust Bank

Darlene Hinchcliff: Manager/Loan Officer, Unico Bank

Tiffany Kopiness: Director of Marketing, Piggott Community Hospital

Tiffany Leeker: Owner, Reflections Consulting

Jill Mobley: Owner, Kennett Palace Theater

Matthew Poole: Sr. Loan Officer, Farm Credit Southeast Missouri

Meli Purputidis: Owner, Meli's Boutique and Meli's Plus Boutique

Danny Ray: Personal Banker, Southern Bank

Noble Shaver: , FCC Behavioral Health

Chad Stone: Owner, Sweet Mayhem

Michelle Tolbert: Administrator, Heritage Nursing Center

Eric Wallace: Director of Business Operations, City Light Gas and Water

Past Board Presidents

1946     Charles B. Baker

1947     R. IRL Jones

1948     Hal H. McHaney

1949     John M. Dalton

1950     Elbert L. Ford

1951     T.M. McCaul

1952     Flake L. McHaney

1953     Jim Farmer

1954     T.E. Miles

1955     Jack Stapleton, Jr.

1956     J.D. Faulkner

1957     Bill Walsh

1958     Charles Atkins

1959     T.A. Brown

1960     M.S. Ward

1961     George McDowell

1962     Welton O. Oakes

1963     Jack McDaniel

1964     J.R. Early, Jr.

1965     C. Paul Story

1966     John McClain

1967     Joe Ford, Jr.

1968     Lucien Fowler

1969     Chester Pearman

1970     Bill Hook

1971     J.C. Skaggs

1972     Glen Brogden

1973     Dwayne Blake

1974     Lew Hamilton

1975     Charles B. Brown

1976     Mike Kelley

1977     Jerry Paul Combs

1978     J.C. Skaggs

1979     Gerald Granger

1980     Tom K. Streigel

1981     Charles Hyde

1982     Larry Jones

1983     A.M. (Dolph) Riggs

1984     Don Jones

1985     Sol Astrachan

1986     Michael Bell

1987     Michael Mowrer

1988     Bob Holder

1989     Reggie Cunningham

1990     Bill Brigance

1991     Gerry Gamble

1992     Larry Stanton

1993     John Hall Dalton

1994     Doyle Privett

1995     Keith Mitchell

1996     Brad Carter

1997     Bud Hunt

1998     Larry Swindle

1999     Bill Palmer

2000     Jeff Lack

2001     Paul T. Combs

2002     Bob Hancock

2003     Matt Shetley

2004     Charlie Brown

2005     Randy Morgan

2006     Johnny Dalton

2007     Darren Harris

2008     Freddie Graham

2009     Joe Stillman

2010     Dr. Lanny Geary

2011     Randi Allgood

2012     Lisa Johnson

2013     Jason Scherer

2014     Moses Porterfield

2015     Matt Cohn

2016     Gary Figgins

2017     Marty Johnson

2018     Dustin Pritchett

Ex-Officio Board Members

Jim Grebing: Director of Economic Development, City Light Gas and Water

Chancellor Wayne: Mayor, City of Kennett

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